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Be part of the Silent Hunter® Online Open Beta! Play as a submarine commander, hunt down enemy convoys, and partake in dynamic campaigns. The game runs directly in your browser, without the need to install a client.

The following features await you:

- Take position on board your submarine, issue commands to your crew, and complete exciting missions!

- Be part of a dynamic campaign set during the Battle of the Atlantic.  Work together with other players to turn the tides of war in your favor.

- Team up with other players online and form wolfpacks! Employ group tactics and take down enemy convoys together!

- Enjoy stunning visuals in spectacular 3D! Experience authentic ship models, dynamic weather effects, realistic water simulation, and changing day times!

Don't hesitate and join the wolfpack today!
This code will reward you with the following items:
- 150 Credits
- 3x torpedo (T-XI Zaunkönig II, level 5)
- 1 Sonar Operator (rank 3)


Good hunting!
The Silent Hunter Online team


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